We are filled with excitement about the 2019-2020 year at Sharon Middle School.

The PTO board is already hard at work on plans to enhance our children's experience and support the SMS staff this year.

How to join the SMS PTO in two easy steps:

  1. Fill out your contact information at this link.

(This link will take you to a quick membership form that asks for your contact info and your student's name and advisory)

  1. (https://Pay your membership dues at this link)

(This link will process your sponsorship dues $$ . If you join now, membership for 2019-2020 is only $30, a ten dollar savings)

Or you can join via snail mail. Print out the Sponsor form - sponsor the 2019-2020 SMS PTO. Send in cash or check (made out to the SMS PTO) in an envelope marked "SMS PTO Sponsorship" in the SMS office.

The Sharon Middle School PTO is a non-profit organization comprised of parents, guardians, volunteers and Middle School staff who organize to provide educational programming, assist with meeting classroom needs and plan community-building activities. PTO Members get a FREE directory. The minimum suggested sponsorship amount to become a member is $30. It's tax deductible.

Contact SMS PTO at